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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WüNüT’ meetings...

will not be taking place until mid-August or September. When we resume regular meetings, they will be posted here on the blog as well as our Facebook page. The new meeting place will be the "Octagon" building/Old Elders Building on Diaz Lane. Take advantage of our beautiful land and get out and experience the summer!

See last post for what will be happening in the meantime...


July and August

Manahu nüümü~!

Summer is definitely here and the heat says hi. Just a quick post to keep the peoples updated on WüNüT’ developments and community happenings. First off, much appreciation to those who put in time and effort to making last weekend’s Graffiti Clean Up and BBQ successful. Paha is lookin mighty fresh thanks to the trash picker-uppers and painters. Yes, we admit we painted a bridge that needed to be painted....without permission "gasp". If we get fined for improving our community, i’d like to hear the rationale for that.

Also, thanks to any and all who came thru the park at our BBQ and contributed food, drinks, supplies, ate, played and participated. We had a good game of ultimate frisbee on the ball field in between games at the 24 hour softball tournament. It was a bit more running than I remember, but we had a blast nonetheless. We all need movement in our lives. Movement is healthy. Doing it together is even better.

For July and August, WüNüT’ will not be leading, but will be involved in various community events and activities. Here is a breakdown:

July 7-11: Monache Encampment, Monache Meadows. Contact: Kathy Jefferson, 406.570.5289 or

July 12-15: Bunky Echo Hawk, ProActive Artist - various workshops with youth. Contact Vince Townsend, 760.873.8740 or

July 24-Aug 1: Traditional Yosemite Walk, Mono Lake to Yosemite over Mono Pass.
Contact Lucy Parker 760.647.6669 or

Aug 5-9: Toiyabe Trade Walk over Paiute Pass into Hutchinson Meadow.
Contact Pat Nelson 760.920.5168 or

There will be more and we will post them as soon as they are finalized.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Busy Weekend with WüNüT’

Weekend with Wunut Events are upon us, starting tonight!

Friday 6/25 7-10 pm AkaTubi Film Academy Revisited @ Elders
Saturday 6/26 10 am Rez Graffiti Clean up meet @ Barlow Gym


1 pm Bbq and Frisbee Football @ Bishop City Park

Everyone come on out and have a good time with our youth and community.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

WüNüT’ mentor and youth awared scholarships to Idyllwild Summer Arts program

We are happy to announce three WüNüT' members- Derek Sierra (20), James Napoles (17), and Jeffery Andreas (17) have been awarded scholarships to the Idyllwild Summer Arts program. To assist with additional expenses for supplies and travel we are planning to fundraise by selling T-shirts designed by the participants, printed most likely with the tremendous support of Mountain Apparel.

For more information on the Idyllwild Summer Arts program see -

Congratulations to these 3 fine young men!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Student Recognition Circle/Round Dance

Friday, 4/30 -
The culture of the nüümü people is alive and well. In an impressive display of community solidarity, upwards of 300 people gathered at the powwow grounds on the Bishop reservation to celebrate the achievements of our native youth. MC’d by Ruben Little Head from Pala, CA, and coordinated as a combination of traditional Paiute-Shoshone circle dance and intertribal round dance, the event was held to recognize students in academics, athletics and service in the community.

Dinner was served to all in attendance after the opening blessing and prayer in nüümü yadoha (paiute language) by local elder, Freida Brown. Circle dance songs were shared by locals residents Glenn Nelson Jr and Joe Lent, as well as Christina Trejo and Marlin Thompson who took time out of their lives to travel to the event. Round dance songs were sung by local drum group Blackfeather.

Students K-12 were honored before their community in categories ranging from 3.0 and above GPA, Academic Improvement, Effort, Sports and Community Service. Demonstrating true commitment to their students, Principals of Elm-Pine Street and Home Street schools, Mrs. Betsy McDonald and Mr. Randy Cook, were in attendance to present students with their awards and certificates.

Watercrest and Wild Onion

Sunday, 4/25 -

On Sunday, April 25, an impressive collection of youth, elders and adult mentors came together to share stories and knowledge of our land and traditions. With sack lunched made to go, participants carpooled and caravanned to a local campground to congregate and wait for everyone to arrive. After lunch and an icebreaker to spark group play and cohesion, elders were given the floor to share local stories and knowledge of the particular area. Guidelines of behavior were also laid out to ensure respectful relations with the land and each other. As the original caretakers and scientists of this land, it is very important that we pass down the knowledge and values to the younger generations to continue what has been our livelihood and means of survival for thousands of years.

For pictures, check our facebook page to the right::>>>>

Movie Night: "Skins"

Friday, 4/23 -

In a casual seating environment of couches and carpet, roughly 30 community members, mostly youth, gathered to watch the film “Skins.” Following the movie, a discussion was held about the causes and effects of alcoholism in tribal communities. Set on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, “Skins” showed a portion of Indian Country many here in the Owens Valley have not been exposed to, and in some ways could not relate to. Despite the contrasts of environment, the film displayed both the differences and common issues we face throughout our indigenous and rural communities.

Community Garden and Earth Day Events

Over the course of two evenings, community members from the Bishop Paiute Tribe attended perma-culture workshops, with the intention of creating a community space. Guest speaker Olivia Chumacero of the Raramuri Tribe, from the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico shared her knowledge and work in perma-culture, emphasizing on the importance of a culturally relevant garden. Community members were encouraged to draw their dream gardens, and began putting these dreams into action.

On April 18, during the Tribe’s Earth Day celebration, a rock garden with monkey brush and violets and rows of marigolds and native plants were planted. Several community members also planted plants they brought from their home gardens. With participation from all ages, this project is sure to continue and flourish in the coming months. To get involved or support the garden, contact Rebecca Langham at the Elders' Program at

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This weekend’s events

These events are open to all who are interested. Youth under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

This Friday
night, April 23 at 7pm we will be gathering at the Elder’s Building on Barlow Lane to watch the film "Skins", directed by Chris Eyre and based on the novel by Adrian C. Louis. Group discussion to follow. A light dinner will be served.h

Film synopsis:

Rudy Yellow Lodge is an investigator with the police department and witnesses firsthand the painful legacy of Indian existence. Although rampant unemployment, alcoholism and domestic violence are the norm for many reservation inhabitants, Rudy has largely escaped this cycle of despair. His brother Mogie, however, has not. Now faced with the discovery of a bloodied body, a flaming liquor store just off native land that sells millions of cans of beer a year to the native population, and his brother's ongoing self-destruction, Rudy goes on a quest to avenge himself, his family, and his culture and to seek justice.

....this movie is rated R.

Sunday April 25

When: 12pm - 4pm

What: Hike/Walk to gather our Indigenous Spring food plants and medicines.

Where: Meet at the Education Center Trailer behind the Barlow Lane Gym and we will determine our specific location.

Food will be provided to make a sack lunch and snacks. ie. sandwich, chips, fruit, drink.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Decolonization Workshop

This Sunday, March 28, WüNüT’ will be sponsoring a workshop addressing the issue of Decolonization of the Mind. What does it mean, look like and how do we incorporate it into our daily lives and how we think? The workshop will be presented by Cynthia Naha of Hopi-Tewa-Dakota descent. For any questions, feel free to contact Kris Hohag at 760-920-3389.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stencil Workshop

Come on out and check out the WüNüT’ G2G @ the Elders!
This Friday, take part in a stencil workshop. Learn to design and cut your own stencil to create your own personal wearable art. Make a statement, stand out from the crowd, empower your individuality, or just have fun learning a skill with just the bare essentials. All are welcome to join us and have some fun, while expressing your artistic self, and your individuality.

Friday 3/12/10
7:30 pm -10:00 pm
Elders Building, Barlow Lane, Bishop, CA

Thursday, February 25, 2010

February Frenzy

Lots to catch up on in this to follow.

Youth/community events or activities that have taken place this month, in addition to our regularly scheduled events:
-Youth Super Bowl Party BBQ
-Basketball Tournament Concession Fundraiser
-Awakening the Knowledge - Community Wellness, Health and Tobacco Awareness Fair

It has been a busy few weeks for the community and the youth and mentors of WüNüT’/G2G. Soon after our first fundraiser, the youth and mentors took to the kitchen again for a Youth Super Bowl Party BBQ and again on the weekend of Feb. 12-14 at the 40th Annual All Indian Basketball Tournament at the Barlow Gym in Bishop, CA.

Super Bowl Party:

Gathering to watch the New Orleans Saints win their first Super Bowl, youth and community members enjoyed food provided by Paiute Palace Casino and individual donors. Attendees also participated in activities such as halftime boys v. girls Best Cheer/Touchdown Dance and a football pool for prizes. Of course we can’t forget the amazing sundaes that topped off the evening. It was a good turnout and thank you to all who came through and contributed.

Basketball Tournament:
With an outstanding turnout of teams and spectators, the basketball tournament was filled with down-to-the-wire games, hard nose play and entertainment for those in attendance. With earnings of $1375.92 to go toward future youth activities and supplies, we give big thanks to the community and gratitude to all who supported with their donations or business.

Community Wellness and Tobacco Awareness Fair:
Last weekend, in collaboration with Toiyabe Indian Health Project, Owens Valley Career Development Center and the Bishop Indian Education Center, WüNüT’ participated in the Community Wellness and Tobacco Awareness Fair entitled “Awakening The Knowledge.”

Each day began with a morning prayer and a light breakfast. Representatives from the Californian Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB) came to share knowledge and presentations on Traditional Tobacco, Second Hand Smoking, Smokeless Tobacco aka chew/spit/snuff etc, and the use of American Indian Imagery by the tobacco industry to sell their products.

Sage Romero and Bobby Piper gave both an energizing and tiring presentation on Native dance...tiring for those who decided to attempt just a few basic moves of an accomplished Hoop Dancer. We were sweatin’! Both shared the impact dance has had in their lives and invited the community to come down to the weekly dance class held at the gym in Big Pine on Tuesday evenings. They even offered to come to Bishop for a weekly class/practice if any people are interested. The offer still stands. Be it powwow, line dancing, hip hop or breakdancing, get to movin’’s good for you.

Additional workshops included:
-Writing Circle facilitated by Kris Hohag where attendees wrote “I am from” poems and shared their natural poetic gifts with the group. The purpose of the writing circle was to share the healing and creative power of the written word. From young to old, we all have creative gifts and every poem was beautiful and unlike anyone else’s.

-Session to share the creation and purpose of WüNüT’ with the community, while expressing our need for more volunteers and mentors. The youth are deserving of positive role models and hungry for’s up to us adults to provide ourselves as such.

-Elders panel to share their upbringings and what life was like for them as youth in a different time. Special thanks to Cecil Rambeau, Ellen Hess, Pat Howard and Frieda Brown for sharing their time with all the youth and adults who were present. Our elders have wonderful stories and teaching to share with the younger generations and we are thankful to be blessed with their presence.

In addition to all these events going on, the usual activities of Get 2Gether @ the Elders on Friday nights and Sunday youth gatherings have gone on. Those who participated during the fundraisers celebrated with a Bowling night and we also went sledding this past Sunday.

All and all, it has been very active on the Bishop Rez. Good things are happening and we have many things to be thankful for. We hope to continue to have fun, learn from each other and work together to create a healthy community with each day, week, month and year that passes. With a positive vision in sight, we will get to where we are going. Keep on, keepin’ on!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Youth Indian Taco And Yard Sale Fundraiser A Success!!

This weekend's fundraiser by the G2G Youth Group, with support from the WüNüT' Mentor Group, was very successful. The youth had previously planned to hold this yard sale on Saturday, January 23. WüNüT' mentors had brought in assistance and suggestions to help the youth with the organization and planning of their fundraiser to provide the youth with a positive approach. Assistance from WüNüT' members to youth included guidance as to being responsible with safety, accountability, and cleanliness and in general to have fun with everyone who participated. Of course, with this was the community's generous support and patronage which had raised $730.00 in profit to help fund G2G's future activities. Thank you Bishop community! We hope to be conducting another fundraiser of this sort in the Spring for a Spring Clean Up! Again, thank you for all the donations and volunteer time from many community members, WüNüT' members, Education Center, Paiute Palace Casino, and the Bishop Paiute Tribe. Man-o'

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Can I Do? ...Do What You Can

With so much resistance to change and hopelessness in the face of challenges, we all need a little inspiration from time to time. I share this video with the hope that it will speak to you and give some imagery as to why WüNüT’ was formed with a small coalition of committed volunteers who understand the importance of individual action, and the power of that action when it is combined with others with a similar vision and commitment. Each of us is strong, but we are much stronger when we are working together.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thought of the Day

Food for thought:

"Do the right thing. Even when no one's looking."
(Thanks to Blaine "Woody" Woods)

"It's a love supreme, I know we all do foolish things.
Would you die for the candy things? Stand up or fall for anything."
-U-N-I "A Love Supreme"


Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday Night G2G @ Elders'

Our 1st G2G @ Elders event...we were six people strong!

One week later...see for yourself:

Good to see everyone there!!

Night in Review...

We opened with a prayer and emphasized the importance of respecting the Elders’ building and each other and to pick up after yourself. There were 25 people present, including young children, parents, teens and young adults. Throughout the evening, we had simultaneous games of monopoly, dominos, scrabble, cards, memory, and chup-tuu-ee. Someone brought an xbox, while other activities included watching a documentary on Jim Thorpe and playing handgame. Toward the end everyone came together and laughed hard while playing Guesstures. We closed with a prayer and sent people home safely around midnight.

What worked:
-Enough games, options of activities
-NO ONE was watching tv, except kids playing xbox.
-Everyone was respectful

What we could do better next time:
-have fruit, veggie, healthy snacks, juice
-more group interaction early...icebreaker(s)?
-invite Elders

...Thanks to all who came out and especially to those who brought food! This was only our second Friday night event...the sky is the limit. Stay posted for more movement, and please comment for improvement.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Warrior Down

WüNüT’ was well represented at this week’s Warrior Down Recovery Coach Training that took place at the Paiute-Shoshone Cultural Center on Jan. 19-21. The training was conducted by Blaine "Woody" Woods (Cherokee) who came down from Idaho. Woody is the Executive Director of Wellbriety for Prisons, Inc and a strong representative of White Bison’s Wellbriety Movement. During the three day program, community members made great strides in becoming better prepared to welcome back our relatives who are incarcerated or in rehab.

On Day 1, we opened up with a group prayer and talking circle, allowing everyone present to speak their hearts and build understanding. It was a powerful circle that revealed we have many invaluable relatives who have gone through recovery and ready to work towards healing our community and many who are doing their best to become well again. For those who’ve never experienced a path of addiction, much awareness was gained and compassion shared.

We then learned about and discussed the root causes and inter-generational effects of historical trauma on a people. The group discussed the conflicts and forced removal of our ancestors from the valley and numerous relocations as we transitioned from our traditional ways to sedentary life on various reservations throughout the valley. The people have gone through huge changes that caused an entire way of life to be altered. Our community continues to suffer from the effects of these traumas today.

On Day 2, we got right down to business. The day was spent assessing the resources that are currently available (both on and off rez) to support returning relatives in areas such as housing, economic development, health and human services, cultural resources, as well as what resources are currently missing. We then organized these brainstorms into something that can be made into a resource handbook. The day ended with a team building exercise that demonstrated how we are all connected and affected by the unseen world as much, if not more than the things we do see. This was effective at showing how our current path determines our eventual destination. Our present reality is the result of a perfect plan created by the path we are on.

Day 3 brought practical application of the tools we learned the previous two days. Community members were given the task of role playing individuals in need, while others were challenged to give the individual a needs assessment and provide assistance setting up a recovery plan.

The training concluded with laying out a plan for next steps to build a support system that will be self-sustaining in our community, as well the group honoring an individual for their personal healing and commitment to help others who are on that path. Many good words and blessings were offered to this inspiring individual. May all good things come on the next steps of your journey.

Overall, the training brought many people together and provided us the tools and motivation to know we have everything we need to heal our community RIGHT HERE. A big THANK YOU goes out to Woody for traveling all this way to share his story and help us to help each other.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr...

Though his birthday has passed, this video is to share why we do what we do on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Commitment, action and service to the community. This is what the Cemetery Clean Up was all about. It's only one of many more things to be done to make our community a better place for us all. Always remember, we all have something to offer.

On that note...the Cemetery Clean Up showed us that there is much work to be done. Thank you to all the people in the community who showed up and did good work in the cold and rain. One thing that was evident was that this needs to occur on a regular basis. With so many plastic flowers and mementos on the graves, there were many, many small pieces of plastic to be picked up. Please be mindful of how you pay your respects and how such decorations will not decompose like real flowers or plants. A way to pay respect to our relations is to keep their resting place clean. Please stay posted, as we would like to do this event again in the not-too-distant future.

Once again, much respect and appreciation goes out to all who participated on that chilly day.


Great Turnout at Youth Meeting and Cemetery Clean Up Event

Welcome to all our new members!!! It has been one busy weekend and I hope you had time to recoup for the coming week. The participation levels from the youth and the community have been exceptional! The Sunday Youth meeting had its highest attendance with 20 participants signed in and others who dropped by but didn't come in...a good sign that interest is there!! This is a Thank you going out to Rebecca for all her work in coordinating the Cemetery Clean-up event with breakfast burritos! Please send comments back on what your perspective was on the events.

Sunday Youth Meeting
Cemetery Clean-up

It is important to hear from everyone on how we can improve and what concerns that may have come up beyond our understanding. All in all, things had went good with several new members both to our G2G and WüNüT groups.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who we are

WüNüT’ is a group of young adults dedicated to the health and well-being of our tribal community. The mission of WüNüT’ is to provide guidance, encouragement, leadership and moral support to the positive choices made by the youth in our community.

Translating as a command to “stand up” in the local Nüümü (Paiute) dialect, members of WüNüT’ are committed to stand up for each other, our youth, our elders, our language, culture, beliefs, our Mother Earth, and for community wellness. We also stand up against what is hurting our community such as substance abuse, historical trauma, welfare dependency, infringements on tribal sovereignty, stereotypes, ignorance and apathy. It is the goal of WüNüT’ to mobilize the youth to voice what they see as problems and issues in their community, potential solutions to those problems, and to assist in setting and achieving goals that positively affect their generation. WüNüT’ strives to rebuild bridges where our community is fragmented through serving the people, learning from our elders, and leading by example for younger generations to follow.

WüNüT’ is open to anyone who shares our aspirations and wants to help bring about meaningful change in our community.

Community Talking Circle

Last night we had a Community Talking Circle at the Tribal Community Center. It was a humbling, healing and motivating experience. People expressed their desires to see a healthy, hopeful and prideful community with their neighbors and relatives. We shared about our struggles and our dreams. We spoke about the need for personal responsibility and to step up our efforts to make a better place for our babies, youth, adults and elders. The feeling of change was in the building. We are going somewhere. Are you with us?

With healing in mind...prayers go out to the people of Haiti. They are in much need right now and we ask the Creator to be with all those affected.

Here are photos before the earthquake:

and after: