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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who we are

WüNüT’ is a group of young adults dedicated to the health and well-being of our tribal community. The mission of WüNüT’ is to provide guidance, encouragement, leadership and moral support to the positive choices made by the youth in our community.

Translating as a command to “stand up” in the local Nüümü (Paiute) dialect, members of WüNüT’ are committed to stand up for each other, our youth, our elders, our language, culture, beliefs, our Mother Earth, and for community wellness. We also stand up against what is hurting our community such as substance abuse, historical trauma, welfare dependency, infringements on tribal sovereignty, stereotypes, ignorance and apathy. It is the goal of WüNüT’ to mobilize the youth to voice what they see as problems and issues in their community, potential solutions to those problems, and to assist in setting and achieving goals that positively affect their generation. WüNüT’ strives to rebuild bridges where our community is fragmented through serving the people, learning from our elders, and leading by example for younger generations to follow.

WüNüT’ is open to anyone who shares our aspirations and wants to help bring about meaningful change in our community.

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