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Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday Night G2G @ Elders'

Our 1st G2G @ Elders event...we were six people strong!

One week later...see for yourself:

Good to see everyone there!!

Night in Review...

We opened with a prayer and emphasized the importance of respecting the Elders’ building and each other and to pick up after yourself. There were 25 people present, including young children, parents, teens and young adults. Throughout the evening, we had simultaneous games of monopoly, dominos, scrabble, cards, memory, and chup-tuu-ee. Someone brought an xbox, while other activities included watching a documentary on Jim Thorpe and playing handgame. Toward the end everyone came together and laughed hard while playing Guesstures. We closed with a prayer and sent people home safely around midnight.

What worked:
-Enough games, options of activities
-NO ONE was watching tv, except kids playing xbox.
-Everyone was respectful

What we could do better next time:
-have fruit, veggie, healthy snacks, juice
-more group interaction early...icebreaker(s)?
-invite Elders

...Thanks to all who came out and especially to those who brought food! This was only our second Friday night event...the sky is the limit. Stay posted for more movement, and please comment for improvement.


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