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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Student Recognition Circle/Round Dance

Friday, 4/30 -
The culture of the nüümü people is alive and well. In an impressive display of community solidarity, upwards of 300 people gathered at the powwow grounds on the Bishop reservation to celebrate the achievements of our native youth. MC’d by Ruben Little Head from Pala, CA, and coordinated as a combination of traditional Paiute-Shoshone circle dance and intertribal round dance, the event was held to recognize students in academics, athletics and service in the community.

Dinner was served to all in attendance after the opening blessing and prayer in nüümü yadoha (paiute language) by local elder, Freida Brown. Circle dance songs were shared by locals residents Glenn Nelson Jr and Joe Lent, as well as Christina Trejo and Marlin Thompson who took time out of their lives to travel to the event. Round dance songs were sung by local drum group Blackfeather.

Students K-12 were honored before their community in categories ranging from 3.0 and above GPA, Academic Improvement, Effort, Sports and Community Service. Demonstrating true commitment to their students, Principals of Elm-Pine Street and Home Street schools, Mrs. Betsy McDonald and Mr. Randy Cook, were in attendance to present students with their awards and certificates.

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