Thursday, March 10, 2011

WüNüT’ Novi in the news!

In a rush of activity since the first official event at WüNüT’ Novi, readers world wide and local community members alike are catching word of the efforts to establish WüNüT’ Novi Youth Media Arts and Infoshop.

The article catching speed was originally written by Devon Fredricksen, a freelance writer and originally published in The Sheet, a free weekly paper out of Mammoth, the week of Feb 18. It can be read at

It has since been picked up and reprinted by Indian Country Today Media Network. ICTMN is the national and international source for indigenous people’s news. Same article but new look can be seen at

A nice summary of the Open House Mixer event was reported and posted on, with a video no less of the incredible skills and stamina of our very own Sage Romero, performing a captivating hoop dance in honor of Sherman Alexie.

There will be a similar story in the local Inyo Register this weekend.

Thank you's to all who are standing up with us in one way or another to pull this together, its a beautiful thing :-)


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