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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bishop Tribal Youth Council Elections in effect

Do you care about improving your community? Do you have good ideas and are open to learning? Are you proud of who you are? Are you a team player?

Develop your talents and skills for your present and future, while gaining valuable experience organizing events and projects in YOUR community.

Nominations are now taking place until March 23.

Voting will take place from Sunday, March 27- to Sunday, April 10.

The BTYC is a UNITY Inc. affiliated community-based youth council based out of the Bishop Paiute-Shoshone Reservation in Bishop, CA. Membership is open to all youth ages 13-23 of Native ancestry.

*Youth ages 15-23 are eligible to run for President. Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
*Youth at least 13 years old may run for Historian.

Self-Nomination Forms available, contact your school’s Native Liaison or come by WüNüT’ Novi at 2490 Diaz Lane on Sundays, 4-8pm. Nominations and Voting Ballots can by received in the same manner.

Questions? Contact your School’s Native Liaison or Kris @ 760-920-3389

5 Positions Open for Leadership:
*Elected Youth will serve for 1 years terms, with 2 consecutive years possible if reelected.


Duties of President:
1. Before the meeting:
a. Plans the meeting and prepares the agenda with the help of other officers, committee chairs, and the advisor. He or she includes what is to be accomplished and what is to be achieved. Together they determine the type of meeting and procedure to be used.
b. Delegates responsibilities.
c. Checks notifications, reports, and business items.
d. Organizes meeting place, equipment, etc.
e. Arrives in the proper frame of mind, knows that planning and preparation are

2. During the meeting:
a. Calls the meeting to order.
b. Follows the agenda and addresses items in logical order.
c. Has a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure and other group techniques.
d. Organizes and directs the work of committees through a chairperson. e. Keeps a favorable climate in the meeting.
f. Encourages and sets an example in leadership, citizenship, and courtesy.
g. Listens attentively.
h. Praises and thanks individuals and groups.
i. Summarizes and evaluates often.
j. Makes the meeting the group’s meeting.

3. After the meeting:
a. Evaluates the meeting and the achievements.
b. Checks reports and minutes.
c. Sets the machinery in motion for the next meeting.
d. Reports to and consults with youth council officers and sponsoring organization.
e. Lists items to be researched.
f. Checks work of committees.
g. Follows through on recommendations and actions taken.
h. Prepares for future activities.
i. Helps see that the meeting room is put back in order.
Information for this section adapted from the National Association of Secondary Principals.

Vice President
1. Has the same requirements and knowledge as the president.
2. Is able and willing to take over for the president
3. Has an important, specific committee activity assignment.
4. Can serve as the most significant leader within the committee structure.

1. Before the meeting :
a. Notifies members of the meeting.
b. Assists with the preparation of the agenda.
c. Has neatly typed minutes of the last meeting.
d. Assists various committees in drafting and distributing any correspondence.

2. During the meeting:
a. Takes attendance and keeps permanent records.
b. Takes complete minutes including name of organization, date, and place of meeting, who presided, old and new business, committee reports, motions, and results.
c. Reads minutes from previous meeting.
d. Assists the president.

1. Keeps accurate, complete records of all money collected and spent.
2. Prepares a budget for youth council approval, usually with assistance of a committee and advisor.
3. Presents reports regularly to council and sponsoring organization.
4. Prepares an annual fiscal report.

1. Documents all activities of the youth council as the official photographer, videographer and general keeper of institutional memory of youth council.
2. Keeps all documents, flyers, press releases, articles, photos and videos well organized for easy referral and browsing for the use of future youth council leaders.

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