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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Manahu 2011!

Pardon the stereotype, but it's been many moons since our last post and if by chance anyone reads this besides myself, well it's 2011 now!

...there has been much progress happening in the real world and blogging just hasn't been a priority. This post will attempt to sum up recent activity and hopefully give readers a sense of where we now stand and where we plan to go.

1) We now have a home!! Other than the land itself, WüNüT was successful in receiving approval from the Bishop Tribal Council to create WüNüT Novi Infoshop and Youth Media Arts Center in what was formerly known as the Old Elders’ Building. The paintings you see were done by native youth from Bishop during the recent Xmas break. We had college students home for break as well as community members come and help out with this amazing project. It is awesome and still a work in progress. Please see our facebook page for more pics.

While we continue to share this building with the fitness fanatics who take Zumba and Pilates classes offered thru Toiyabe, all future WüNüT meetings and events will likely take place at WüNüT Novi. The building is also ground zero for events and meetings of the newly formed Bishop Tribal Youth Council, which brings us to...

2) The Bishop rez now has an official youth council known as the Bishop Tribal Youth Council. Many past attempts and recent months in the making, BTYC is an official UNITY affiliated ( community-based youth council that is currently seeking involvement from all native youth in the Bishop area between the ages of 13-23. The officers have yet to be determined, but the first event/activity is planned for next Sunday and each Sunday thereafter from 4p-8p at WüNüT Novi. The event is "Homework Club and Game Night" for those wanting to finish up their weekend homework or just hangout with other young people. This is not restricted to native youth, all youth are welcome.

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